The Noble History of Tissot Watches

Founded in 1853, Tissot watches were well known for their distinguished taste and ever improving craftsmanship. They quickly gained popularity and were well received all over the world both for the collectors and the public since the launch of the first watch. The infusion of high quality materials together with advanced technology have ranked the watch in the forefront of the watch industry.

Tissot has been involved in sports such as hockey, cycling and cricket for decades, and it has been in partnership with a lot of sports teams. Tissot has been appointed as the official partner and timekeeper of sports events such as tracks, cycling, mountain biking and so on. They have established a steady position as the official wooden watches uk  partner and timekeeper in sports history. Apart from manufacturing many splendid watches for sports, Tissot has also produced some wonderful timepieces. In 1853, the first timepiece “Banana” watch was produced by Tissot, which was well received since its unveil in the market.

In 1930, the anti-magnetic watch was produced and followed by some of its kind. In 1971, the first plastic watch was manufactured by Tissot. Then in 1985 the first rock watch was manufactured, and it was also in the year that Tissot became a member of the Swatch Group. In 1988, another amazing timepiece of wooden watch was launched into the market. For many people Tissot has established itself as the best watchmaker in the world luxury watch brand, and it will continue to improve its technology to provide the best watches both for the sports events and the public.

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